Why Are Diamond Studs So Popular?

Why Are Diamond Studs So Popular?

Why are diamond studs so popular? Of course, diamonds! They bring out the best in you with their brilliance, sparkle and shine. Remember, moissanite is also a fantastic alternative! On a strict budget? Get the same look for less with cubic zirconia

This earring is simply stunning. It was first popularized in the 19th century. Diamond stud earrings look great with any casual outfit or elegant gown. They're so good that some women don't take them off.

You can't go wrong buying diamond studs as a gift for someone you don't know. You can wear them for the rest of your life. This guide will show you how to purchase diamond stud earrings.

  1. You can set your budget

They must be beautiful! Many of our customers buy diamond stud earrings for Valentine's Day or to commemorate an anniversary, promotion, birth of a child, and/or as the foundation of their jewelry collection.


Diamond Stud Earrings on Megan Markle


The traditional gift of studs to the bride is to wear them on the wedding day. She can also wear them for a reminder of the joy of the occasion. Meghan Markle wore diamond earrings to her wedding. She has been spotted wearing them every day since. They are a long-lasting purchase so our customers tend to set a budget of thousands. However, if you're looking for smaller studs, the quality will be lower. One should consider moissanite stud earrings to get the same look for much less.

  1. Choose a shape and size

Which size earring would you prefer? The most common size is one carat total weight diamond earrings. These stud earrings have one half-carat of diamonds in each earring and not one carat. This is the "total weight" of a stud. Most jewelers will refer to studs as this: It includes all the diamonds in each earring, not just the center stones.

What size is this? A one-half-carat diamond measures 5mm in diameter, while a one carat diamond measures 6.4mm. Are studs more expensive? It doesn't always work that way. You should be aware that large diamond earrings can protrude from your ears. Make sure the setting is well-shaped.

Diamond Size Chart


We've noticed a rise in popularity of smaller diamond earrings that can be layered with other earrings or ear cuffs. These studs are often half-carat total, or even one-quarter-carat total.

For stud earrings, the most popular shapes of diamond are the round and princess cuts. Although you can order studs in any shape you want, studs can rotate while you wear them.

  1. Quality is important

Many will say that earrings don't need to be diamond-quality. They can wear a slightly yellowish diamond with visible inclusions. This assumes that no one will ever be looking at your ears as closely as you do. Our stones at Fox Jewelry Co are D-E color and VS1 - VVS1 clarity.

Diamond Clarity Chart

A pair of stud earrings should have two identical diamonds. Unfortunately, automated tools that select two diamonds from a list won't work. They can't accurately assess the cut patterns of diamonds. To compare the diamonds side by side, you need to see them all. 

Our stud earrings are simulated diamonds and moissanite, so you don’t have to worry about the perfect match. 

  1. Style the Setting

Although diamond studs may be simple, the details are important. You can add your own style to the classic silhouette of diamond studs by choosing what you like. When choosing a setting style or precious metal, you can reflect the details of your engagement rings.

Fox Jewelry Co. makes round diamond stud-settings from three to eight prongs. The classic martini three-prong martini settings lets the most light through the gem. A four-prong setting looks more substantial. A double-prong setting gives a sophisticated look to a simple solitaire. Which do you prefer?


14k White gold stud earrings

We also offer diamond stud earrings in all in silver, white gold, yellow gold, with 4-prong and screw-back posts for security.

There are a few things that will influence your choice of metal. First, do you want to match the color of your engagement ring, wedding ring or other jewelry you frequently wear? White gold blends well with the diamond and is great for people who wear many metals. Platinum is an excellent choice if you have sensitive skin to metals. It's hypoallergenic, so it won't cause any allergic reactions no matter how many times you wear it. Although platinum earrings are not recommended due to their weight, diamond studs contain so much metal that platinum doesn't seem as heavy as gold.

  1. Get it up

The most important part of purchasing diamond stud earrings is the one you don't notice when you wear them: the earring return. Did you ever lose an earring? Earrings are the most frequently lost jewelry. This is even more sad considering that the earring remains in your jewelry box to remind you.

Your choice of earring back is crucial because you may lose your diamond studs. Fox Jewelry Co. recommends screw-backs as the best type of earring back. Butterfly backs become less secure over time as they loosen. It takes some time to attach a butterfly back, but it keeps your diamond stud in place. We think it's well worth it.

They are also snug and will not droop on your ear even if you add a drop to your stud or jacket in the future.

We want you to be sure you protect your diamond stud earrings once you have them. It will be a great gift for your grandchildren and children!

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