Top 5 most popular styles of engagement rings

These are the Top 5 Most Popular Styles of Engagement Rings

These are the 5 most popular styles of engagement rings

There have been major changes in the styles that fiances prefer to their brides over the past century. While diamonds are still a girl's best friend, there is more to choose from for couples who want a ring that represents their relationship and also reflects their individual style preferences.

If you are looking for inspiration, here are some of the timeless engagement ring styles that have been gaining popularity and emerging trends.

1. Diamond Solitaire - A Favorite Option for Many Reasons

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There is one choice for many couples. The striking solitaire is a long-standing favorite in engagement rings. While there are many design trends, the solitaire will always be a popular choice. While it can be subtle or understated, it is never simple and straightforward.

This setting places your diamond squarely in front of the camera, so it is important to choose the right cut and quality. You can choose from the traditional round brilliant or the more popular princess cut. You can also choose something different in an emerald or oval, pear, marquise, or radiant shape. The antique cushion cut is a popular choice that brings back the classic diamond look. The ultimate romantic engagement ring is the one with a heart-shaped diamond.

People who prefer the round cut solitaire diamond often seek out maximum sparkle, brilliance, and fire. Experts consider Brilliant Lab Creations to be the best in precision craftsmanship. They are considered the finest in cut quality and light performance.

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2. Pave Settings - For those who like continuous sparkle

Pave diamond engagement rings are luxurious. The ring's surface is covered with diamonds, creating a continuous shimmering surface. While you can choose any gemstone to make your pave engagement rings, the most popular ones are those with several diamonds placed close together and held in place using tiny gold or platinum beads. You don't have to settle for one stone when you could have several, shining at every turn.

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Pave settings have two benefits: the stones sparkle more and the metal doesn't show through. It creates a beautiful line of light and glitter.

A pave set ring can be difficult to resize in the future. This is the only thing you need to remember. The jeweler will have a difficult time changing the size of the ring if it has stones all around the band.

3. Three Stone Rings - An Easy Way to Introduce A Mix Of Gemstones

Three stone rings, also known as Bostonian rings, are believed to symbolize the yesterday, today, and tomorrow of your relationship.

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Traditional designs have a large center diamond flanked with two smaller stones. Modern styles, however, often feature side stones nearly equal in size to the center stone. This demonstrates the unchanging and lasting nature of love.

This ring style is popular with princess cut diamonds. You're just as likely to see diamonds set alongside colored gemstones like rubies or sapphires than you are with a trio of bright whites.

4. Halo Rings - Setting to Enhance the Center Stone

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A striking halo setting has the center gemstone enclosed in a group of pave diamonds. This gives the center diamond a more striking appearance and magnifies its visual impact.

Although the initial glory days of the halo were in the 1920s, they are enjoying a resurgence today due to increased interest in vintage styles.

Halo rings emphasize the importance of cut. This places the beauty and brilliance of the diamonds in the center of the design. Although round and princess cuts are still the most popular options, oval and cushion diamonds as well as other shapes are in high demand.

Smaller diamonds are becoming more popular in halo rings. They not only circle the main stones but also radiate from all angles, making them attractive profile views. A double halo design is also very popular.

5. Bezel Setting – The Second Most Popular Setting

Bezel-setting rings are popular for their modern appearance and practicality. However, they are just as beautiful. The bezel is the most secure setting. It places the emphasis on the centrally located diamond. This diamond is wrapped around the rim in a delicate edging of platinum or gold. This elegant setting protects the diamond while keeping your eyes on the star attraction.

If you prefer the bezel design, there is an option. This is the choice of whether the setting is full or partial. A full bezel will cover the entire jewel, leaving only the top. A partial bezel covers only a portion of the gem. Partial bezels allow for profile views of the gem and may make it easier for you to clean your diamond at home.

People who lead an active lifestyle will find the bezel setting especially useful. Because the setting and stone are not able to snag on clothing or other equipment, this is a great choice. This setting is ideal for those who are involved in sports and/or operate machinery.

Are you still unsure about the style of engagement ring that you should choose? To help you make the right choice, we'll walk you through every aspect.

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