The Top 4 Pairs of Diamond Studs that Will Make You Smile

The Top 4 Pairs of Diamond Studs that Will Make You Smile

The Top 4 Pairs of Diamond Studs that Will Make You Smile

A pair of diamond earrings is the most important piece of jewelry. The classic round brilliant is the most common shape for diamond studs, but there are many other shapes available, so you can choose the one that suits your personal style. We'll be discussing some of our favorite diamond stud shapes in this post. These diamond studs are sure to make you smile, whether you're shopping for your first set of diamond studs, or if you want to upgrade your collection.

Cushion Cut

cushion cut diamond stud earrings

2 carat Cushion Cut Diamond Studs in14k White Gold Settings

The Cushion-cut diamond studs have a unique shape and offer great fire. This is the rainbow-colored light that shines from a diamond. The cushion cut diamond was once known as the old mine cut. It is rectangular or square in shape with rounded corners. The fiery shine of the cushion cut diamond made it the most popular shape for diamonds for many years.

The cushion cut diamond is beautiful in any metal. It can be made in white gold, platinum or yellow gold, but it also looks great in rose or yellow gold. Two stunning cushion-cut diamond earrings in white gold are featured in this pair of beautiful cushion cut earrings. The white gold settings are simple and elegant, complementing the halo of rainbow light created by the cushion cut.

Round Cut

round cut diamond stud earrings

Round Cut Diamond Studs with 2 Carats in 14k Gold Setting

Round Cut Moissanite Studs with 2 Carats in 14k Gold Setting on Amazon

The most loved diamond shape is the round cut. They are known for their classic appearance and incredible sparkle. A round-cut diamond is cut in what is known as a "brilliant" fashion. This is a method of cutting a diamond to maximize brilliance (the white-colored light which shimmers from it). Round brilliant cuts are unmatched in their ability to reflect and refract sunlight.

The princess-cut diamond is the second most popular shape of diamond. It's also a stunning cut. The princess cut is more brilliant than the round when you compare it to a princess cut diamond. People choose a princess cut diamond over a round because of their style preference. The princess diamond is more modern and has a classic look.

These stunning earrings feature two 1 carat round-cut diamonds in white gold. These earrings are timeless and beautiful, and should be a must-have for all diamond lovers.

Pear Cut Diamonds

2 carat Pear Cut Diamond Studs set in 14k Gold

The pear cut diamond also known as teardrop diamonds are unique and beautiful. Pear cut diamonds are a less popular shape, but they have been gaining popularity among people who prefer a more traditional shape. The pear cut has all the sparkle and eye-catching appeal of any white diamond but is more unique.

The stunning set of pear-cut diamond studs shown above will turn heads. Two one-carat pear-shaped diamonds are featured here in elegant white gold v end prong settings. This special earring set cradles and shows the delicate point of the diamond pear-shaped.

Asscher Cut Diamonds

Asscher cut diamond stud earrings

2 carat Asscher Cut Diamond Studs In 14k White Gold Settings

The asscher-cut diamond is a dream of art deco. The unique diamond cut has square corners with step-cut facets and cut corners. It was created by the Asscher Brothers in 1902. The asscher diamond was popularized in 1920s art deco, when bold geometric shapes like the asscher cut were very much in fashion.

The asscher cut diamond is a popular choice today, especially for those who appreciate its vintage look. The asscher cut diamond's unique beauty is perfectly displayed in this pair of earrings. This pair of asscher cut diamonds is set in white gold to create an icy, geometric look that's simply stunning.

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