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Moissanite and Diamond: A Comparison Guide

What is Moissanite?

Moissanite gemstone

Although moissanite can occur in tiny crystals (and very rarely), consumers are most likely to be comparing them with diamonds. This is a form crystalline silicon carbide that has been created in laboratories. It is widely used as a simulants. If you don't want to buy rare minerals, moissanite or moissanite rings, you will be dealing with the synthetic variety.

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Moissanite or Diamond: Which Is More Beautiful?

The main question in the diamond vs moissanite debate is whether one has more beauty than the others. Moissanite is a convincing diamond simulant. For a visual inspection of the differences between moissanite and diamonds, jewel experts will need a "moissanite tester" which measures electrical conductivity. Consumers may be able to notice subtle differences in the beauty of these diamonds.

Brilliance and Fire

You'll see both brilliance white flashes and fire colored flashes when you look at a diamond. Moissanite can also show both but has more fire than diamond. Moissanite is known for having more colorful flashes than diamond.

This is partly dependent on the cut. Older cuts or diamonds that have been cut with specific angles will display more fire than modern ones. It can be difficult to distinguish between them.

Although it is difficult to distinguish between moissanite from diamonds based solely on brilliance or fire, it is easier to see the differences at larger sizes. Even so, unless your experience in the jewelry business is extensive, it's difficult to distinguish the differences based solely on their appearance.


You can find moissanite today in the same color range as white diamonds. However, this wasn't always true.

"Classic" moissanite is yellowish to brownish in color. It's often compared with J-M color diamonds. This range is best used with vintage and yellow gold settings.

Moissanite can also be purchased in the "Near Colorless", G to I, and "Colorless", D to F ranges. Moissanite buyers have many options to recreate the look and style of their favorite diamonds. Our moissanite earrings are D-E range or in the colorless range. Also available on Amazon.

Moissanite is susceptible to color changes due to lighting. It may not always appear perfectly colorless. Some stones may appear yellower or more yellow-green. Some people may be more sensitive to color and prefer to wear diamonds or white sapphire.


Moissanite are grown in laboratories so they don't have large clarity errors like diamonds. A moissanite is always clean, but a diamond may have visible imperfections.

It can be hard for those with limited budgets to find a clean, eye-clean diamond of the desired size. This involves looking at many diamonds closely. This can take a lot of time and may require expert assistance.  Our gold solitaire moissanite stud earrings are VS1 - VVS1 clarity.



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See our Quick Guide to Diamonds for more on the "4 C's".

Are Diamonds More Durable than Moissanite?


Diamond is the most hard material, scoring a 10. Only a diamond can scratch another one. Moissanite, which has a hardness 9.25, is the second hardest material in gemstones. It is highly unlikely that moissanite will crack if it isn't stored with diamond jewelry.


It is not easy to determine if moissanite is a harder gem material than diamond. Some sellers of moissanite might claim that moissanite has a harder surface than diamond, while others selling diamond might claim the reverse.

Moissanite does not have a -cleavage plane, but a diamond does. This is the internal plane that a diamond crystal can easily break. This confers moissanite a greater durability. This doesn't mean that moissanite can be beaten to pieces until it shatters or chips.

The IGS can't confirm the following measurements of pressure tolerance (in millions of pounds per sq inch) for diamond, moissanite and cubic zirconia (CZ), another popular simulant. They may however provide some basis for comparison.

  • Diamond: 14.6 PSI
  • Moissanite: 7.6 PSI
  • CZ: 2.4 PSI

These figures, if reliable, indicate that diamond requires twice the pressure to break than moissanite. However, moissanite takes three-times as much pressure as CZ to break. It is not known if the diamond measurement is an average pressure applied in any direction, or if it was taken along it's cleavage plane which would make it weaker. (CZ, just like moissanite lacks a cleavage plane.

Although diamond and moissanite are generally indistinguishable, cracking or chipping is possible with both. This depends on the cut. For example, princess cut can chip more easily than round cuts, but durability doesn't play a major role in choosing these gems.

Moissanite vs. Diamond: Budget and Size

When choosing an engagement ring, cost is almost always a key factor. Moissanite wins out over diamonds when it comes to price. You can find the best moissanite sizes for different budgets.

Choosing moissanite will mean significant savings.  Check our Brilliant Lab Creations for beautiful moissanite rings and necklaces.


Save Money with Moissanite Earrings


Moissanite is a great option for cost-savings (you can even purchase from us via Amazon for more savings and benefits). You can still get a diamond-sized stone for as low as $1,000. You would need to pay $3,000 for a diamond of this size. There are significant compromises in clarity and color. It would cost over 1 cm to buy a moissanite of this size.

Even with smaller budgets, $500 is a significant amount of money. A moissanite is 8% larger than an unfaded diamond and 20% larger than a D E F diamond.

Natural Origins or Lab-Made Beauty

The most important thing in your decision about moissanite or diamond -- more than the cost -- is whether you would prefer a diamond to a moissanite.

Some people prefer diamond because of its tradition, prestige, and natural origin. Some consumers prefer moissanite because it is more sustainable or ethical. Others choose moissanite simply for the beautiful aesthetic. It is an individual choice that has no right answers. Buy a diamond if you prefer a diamond. If you'd prefer a moissanite, buy a moissanite.

Where can I buy a Moissanite and Diamond engagement ring?

Read about diamond quality before you make a decision on a diamond. A diamond is a very personal and expensive purchase. You should take a good look at it before you buy. Moissanite's quality is much more consistent, which makes it easier to shop.  Visit Brilliant Lab Creations on Etsy for an excellent selection of engagement rings. 



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