A Quick Guide to Buying Moissanite

A Quick Guide to Buying Moissanite

A Quick Guide to Buying Moissanite

According to some, diamonds are a girl's best friend. What does this mean for Moissanite, you ask? Moissanite is a popular and cost-effective option for wedding rings and engagement rings. It has been used as a replacement for diamonds for over 20 years. Moissanite can be a great option to save money and still get her a stunning earring set. This is everything you need about Moissanite.


A Quick Guide to Buying Moissanite

Moissanite versus Diamonds

What is the difference between diamonds and moissanite?


Moissanite has a Mohs hardness score of 9.25, while diamonds have a 10. This scale is used to measure a gem's resistance to scratches. Diamonds are 10 and very durable. Moissanite, at 9.25, is a close second. This gem makes a great choice for wedding rings and engagement rings. It can withstand everyday wear.


The colorless diamonds are free from any trace of other colors. On the other hand, colorless moissanite may show hints of yellow and gray. Both diamonds and moissanite have more color in larger gems.

The ability of a gem to reflect light gives it brilliance. Because of their different faceting patterns, Moissanite is different from diamonds in that they reflect light differently. Gemstone fire (or dispersion) refers to the way the stone absorbs light and creates spectral colors (the Rainbow Effect) by double refraction. "When one ray passes through a moissanite gem, it is actually bent, refracted into two, emitting more fire. This is not possible in a diamond which experiences only one refraction.


It really boils down to price when it comes to choosing between diamonds and moissanite. A moissanite ring's cost will vary depending on its size and quality. The same goes for diamond rings, which can vary in price depending on their cut, clarity, carat, and shape. Lab-produced diamonds can also be less expensive than natural diamonds. Moissanite jewelry can be significantly less expensive than diamond jewelry. A 1-carat moissanite necklace can cost about $300, while a 1 carat diamond can cost approximately $3,500. This is a significant gap.

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The Details

Moissanite can generally be ethically manufactured.

On the other hand, natural diamonds can be found in kimberlite formations that are miles beneath the earth's surface or in riverbeds along the ocean floor. Large corporations often dig into the earth's crust to find the deep-earth gems. This is where the majority of natural diamonds are found. They can also be sourced via alluvial mining which involves the extraction of the mineral from stream-bed deposits. This is a process that's often done manually and looks a lot like gold mining in the 19th century and early 20th century. Both types of mining are controversial because heavy machinery can pollute the environment and cause destruction to natural areas. African miners are often given low wages and work in dangerous environments. Moissanite is a lab-produced option that many people choose because it is more ethical.

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Moissanite has a high level of brilliance (or "Sparkly") and is very popular. Moissanite's sparkling rainbow-colored light reflections are what make it so popular. Moissanite is actually 10 percent more brilliant than diamonds. The brilliance refractive Index (BRI) is the most important optical property that affects a gemstone's brilliance or sparkle. The BRI for moissanite is between 2.65 and 2.69. This makes it more brilliant than other gemstones, including diamond which has a BRI 2.42.

You can choose from a range of colors. Moissanite manufacturers offer other color options for those with a non-traditional style. These include lab-created, green moissanite gems. This is in recognition of their commitment to environmental responsibility.

It is significantly cheaper. A larger moissanite ring may be half the price of a smaller one. Moissanite is a great choice if size is important. Moissanite rings are only 10-percent as expensive as diamond rings. It is created in a laboratory.

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For moral and ethical reasons, some people prefer lab-created moissanite.

Earrings are often the first piece of jewelry that someone notices on someone else. Solitaire diamond and moissanite stud are our top choice for versatility and look.  At Fox Jewelry Co is an excellent source for expertly crafted gold and silver solitaire stud earrings.  Also available on Amazon!


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