The Top 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy Diamonds

The Top 7 Reason Why You Shouldn't Buy Diamonds

Are you curious about why you shouldn't purchase diamonds. The "society's gemstone" is often referred to as diamonds. This refers to a stone that has been commercialized based upon social status and other traditions. Here is a brief history of diamonds, as well as a few reasons we do not offer them at Fox Jewelry Co.

  1. After the De Beers company discovered an inexplicable supply of diamonds from South Africa in 1938, they wanted to market them and make people believe that diamonds are valuable and rare.
  2. Although diamonds are not very common, they are often hoarded in large quantities by the same company or group of companies that discovered them in South Africa. They now have a monopoly on them, making it harder for them to obtain with an increasing price.
  3. Our environment is being destroyed by the diamond mining industry. Many aspects of diamond mining are unregulated, so there is no way to control its effects on the environment. Mining is not sustainable. It creates a lot of waste and destroys biodiversity in the areas where it is done. As if that weren't enough, mining and diamond exploration are releasing large amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. We love Mother Earth and don't want her to suffer.
  4. The grading system is flawed and changes based upon the supply of diamonds. This means that your perfect stone could have been a rejected a few months before. This is not a problem if your stones have been lab-created and each one is flawless.
  5. Nearly 25% of all diamonds sold today contain blood diamonds. This means that they were sourced from abuse, bloodshed, and conflict. De Beers, a mega-corporation, is well-known for its use of child labor.
  6. De Beers' marketing team launched a new campaign offering "conflict-free" diamonds at a premium price after the blood diamond scandal. People were willing to pay more for better diamonds even though there's not much evidence that they are conflict-free.
  7. You should do your research before you buy a diamond. Diamond sellers will take your money and sell you a poor diamond at 10x the price. You won't get a diamond worth the price you paid retail.


Rose Gold Diamond engagement ringWhite Gold Opal Cut Diamond Weeding Ring


Before the advent of diamonds, engagement rings featured a variety of precious metals and colorful stones. This made them special and unique for every woman who had one. We wish to honor this tradition by ensuring that each shining woman has a ring that is unique to her, with meaningful and conflict-free gemstones.

We decided to ditch the diamond in favor of our simulated diamond and moissanite gemstones. It is available in the style. Our gemstones are lab-created which means they are more friendly to the environment and are conflict-free. Make sure you check out our blog posts all about the earrings, gemstones, jewelry news and wellness tips!

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